AI to empower fair, secure, and trusted elections globally

“AI for Credible Elections” is a scientific project investigating the impact, challenges and opportunities of artificial intelligence in the elections context. The overall aim is to discover how AI can ensure credible and transparent electoral processes. By bringing together experts from diverse disciplines such as AI, security, journalism, law, and political science, the project is a platform for apolitical discussions and innovative solutions for addressing concerns related to election integrity and voter trust. Through collaborative efforts and interdisciplinary insights, “AI for Credible Elections” seeks to advance the understanding and application of AI technologies in promoting fair, accessible, and trustworthy democratic elections globally.

The project was started in 2021 NeurIPS conference, where the 1st workshop “AI for credible elections” was inaugurated. Following the 2nd workshop at AAAI 2023 and the 3rd workshop at AAAI 2024, in 2023, a special issue of AI Magazine “AI and Credible Elections” was produced. Currently, book project “Promoting AI’s Safe usage for Elections” is on the way, to be published in late 2024 by Springer.

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Taxonomy of AI4CE

AI can be used in a diverse way in elections context. Below is a short taxonomy of it’s uses, both for good and bad.

AI for voters

  • Helping groups with special needs, like seniors or first-time voters, understand elections processes
  • Helping voters understand issues, candidates and parties
  • Reducing cost of voting

AI for candidates

  • Organizing candidate campaigns
  • Detecting, informing and managing mis- and dis-information
  • Managing narratives: candidate, party and opposition

AI for election organizers

  • Identifying and validating voters
  • Informing voters about election information understandably
  • Possible legal and regulatory gaps and solutions
  • Assessing pulse of voting
  • Expediting results computation and dissemination

AI for policy developers

  • AI-Policy Recommendations
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making for Election Legislation
  • Electoral Reform Analysis

AI for researchers

  • Sentiment Analysis of Voter Opinions
  • AI-Powered Opposition Research

Bad actors using AI

  • Malicious Bots
  • Coordinated Disinformation Campaigns
  • Voter Suppression Tactics

Project activities

These activities are selected to provide both a public discussion platform and a scientific discourse for uses of AI in elections – both by good and bad actors.


The workshops delve into challenges and solutions, featuring speakers, panels, and papers discussing best practices and AI interventions. Case studies from the US, India, and Estonia provide diverse perspectives. While AI enhances electoral processes, concerns persist regarding disinformation and manipulation. Building on previous workshops, this event bridges AI, machine learning, cognitive science, and security to engage students, researchers, tech professionals, and informed voters in shaping the future of electoral technology.


Delve into the transformative potential of AI in global elections with our upcoming book. Amidst the surge of 2024 elections worldwide, the need for reliable information has never been more crucial. Despite concerns, our book showcases how AI, notably through tools like chatbots, can empower stakeholders by providing essential voting information and enhancing electoral transparency. Drawing from insightful discussions at workshops on ‘AI for Credible Elections,’ it brings together experts from AI, security, journalism, law, and political science. With a focus on combating misinformation and simplifying voter engagement, this book is an essential resource for advancing democratic electoral processes.

More about the book

“Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”

John Adams, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States

This quote emphasizes the fragility of democracy and the potential for its self-destruction.

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